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Club Championships and Awards

The club runs an annual fun intraclub championships that enables members to compete and compare themselves with fellow members, irrespective of age.  All members are eligible and entered for the Club Championships. The Championships start on 1st November and run until the end of October.


Members best performances over set distances/events are recorded and scored under a handicap system so that the achievements of runners of different ages can be compared. The current status of the Championship is available here, but the effect of the final event (Severn Bridges 10K) will not be  revealed until the Club Christmas Party where the end of year rankings are revealed and prizes awarded along with other club awards.

What events make up the Club Championships?

Your best four results from the distances/events below count towards the championship.

1.  Best 5K time (including parkruns)

2.  Best 10K time

3. Best Half Marathon time

4. Best Full Marathon time

5. Best performance in the North Wales Cross Country league or County Championship

6. Best performance in the club 2mile time trials

7. The Severn Bridges 10K

How does my time get recorded?

Performances of members registered as Shropshire Shufflers in popular local races and parkrun will be automatically updated. However, if you run in other races you must inform us of your result. Please use this form to inform us about your race results.

How are my performances turned into a score?

Your recorded time is adjusted according to your age using a WMA Table which is then given a percentage score according to a set comparative race time for that race category.

What is WMA?

WMA stands for World Masters Athletics. This is a table that has been worked out by Boffins to make a comparison measure of an athlete’s performance across any given age thus allowing a 60-year-old to compete with a 30-year-old. The older you are the greater the percentage your time is reduced by. There is a different table for Male and Female for each race category. WMA update the table from time to time and a new one came into effect in 2023.  For consistency purposes Parkrun continues to use an old table which is why your 5K score in the Championship is likely to be slightly different from your Parkrun score.

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